THERE'S A BABY (or a gummi bear) IN THERE!!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My doctor didn't want to give me an early ultrasound?  SO WHAT!  I do what I want! :)

I got pictures of the baby, and it was amazing, wonderful, magical, perfect.  Look at my baby!

(if you don't know these pics well, this is straight on, so the lump is not my belly.  I WISH I looked as pregnant as I felt!)

The director of the Diagnostic Medical Sonography program had asked me to drink 64 oz of water before I came.  Yikes.  I drank 32, and then went over early, but then I had to wait the half an hour for being early and an extra half an hour because they weren't quite ready for me yet.  When I got up on the table, the very first thing the instructor said was "Oh my word, I have never seen a bladder more full than that.  Are you okay??"  I said, "Well, let's just not talk about it."  But then three other people were like "Oh my!  What a full bladder.  Are you sure you want me to scan you?"  The first student to scan said my bladder was gorgeous.  I told her I hear that like ten time a day, but what about the BABY?

As soon as they found the baby and started measuring him/her, I said, "You found it?!?!  The baby's really in there?!?!" And the instructor was like, "Yes, of course!  I'm sorry, they're students!"  It was just my biggest fear that I would get there and they would have to slide me off the table and tell me there was nothing there, so when the first student was gliding around my belly without saying anything, I thought they couldn't find the baby!  Once they showed me the baby, I started crying.  One of the girls was like, "Oh my God, we made our patient cry!  Is this normal?!?!"  I apologized, and said "It is for me.  I should have warned you!"

I could see the heart beating the whole time.  It was like they couldn't get away from the little heart if they tried.  At the end, he/she even started moving!!  MOVING!!

The yolk sac was a good size, and the mass that will become the brain was a good size, and so was the uterus and my cervix.  The baby measured at about nine weeks, and the heart rate was 173!! Well, mine was probably much higher than that, so the baby was anxious with me.  Something for me to remember when I am feeling anxious -- the baby really DOES feel it with me.  

It was amazing.  The only low point of the day was that Jeremy could not get off work, and he sent the video camera with me, but the BATTERY WAS DEAD!  Guh!  So, he got to see the pictures, but he couldn't see that amazing little heartbeat and the baby moving because he/she was sick of all the students poking!

I can't wait for more of these.  I could go every week!


Arlene said...

I'm so happy for both of you!! It's a miracle...

Arlene said...

I'm so happy for both of you!! It's a miracle...

Amy said...

YAY!! I'm glad you got your reassurance that this is real. Congratulations. :o)