December 24th & 25th: How We Told Our Families

Monday, January 4, 2010

After learning the news, it seemed impossible to wait any longer to tell anyone, and Jeremy and I agreed that Christmas would be an amazing time for a reveal.

Since the Christmas schedule had already been determined, the announcement schedule had also been determined.

On Christmas Eve, we arrived at my parents' house right around lunch. I grabbed food and ate, and then was sitting there about to burst while my dad and brother S-L-O-W-L-Y thought about eating and then got themselves courses -- COURSES! -- when all I could think about was telling them before I slipped up and said something stupid.  I had already turned down a big bottle of Diet Coke, which made my mom look at me like I had lobsters crawling out of my ears, and I was afraid she might start connecting dots.

Two hours later, everyone was done eating, and my dad FINALLY stood up to get the "rest" of his lunch, and I couldn't take it anymore.  I asked if I could give mom a small present, and my dad sighed and complained and then said "Oh yes, of COURSE, we can drop everything and pay attention to YOU!" which is pretty ironic, because he was so excited to give Jeremy one of his gifts that he gave it to him AS HE WAS WALKING IN THE DOOR.  To my father, I replied, "Oh, you are going to be soooo sorry you said that," and handed my mom this:

I wasn't sure if she got it immediately, since she already IS a grandma to her stepdaughters' six children, so I lifted up my sweatshirt and showed her THIS:

And everyone jumped up and starting hugging and crying and shouting. It was great!

FAST FORWARD TO December 25th ...

We called Jeremy's parents, and they said we should just go meet the entire extended family at Gran's house instead of waiting at their house for Jeremy's mom to get off work, which is what we were kind of hoping for so we could tell them first.

So, we went to Gran's house and made chit chat, and I avoided the lunch line because I thought there might be disastrous results, and I sat, wiggling my foot, just DYING for Karri to show up and eat her lunch so we could spill our big news.

Karri finally arrived, and her and Brian ate ... and it seemed to take forever!  They ate like normal people, no doubt about it, but it felt like it took hours!  Finally, I told Jeremy that we should whisper to his parents and siblings that we had a surprise present we had to give them in Gran's bedroom.  When Jeremy told his dad ... I WISH I had a picture of the look on his face!  He looked very bewildered and weired out, but I rounded up everyone else and we hid in Gran's bedroom, where I also gave Karri this album:

(which was awesomely obvious for her, since this will be her first grandchild) and then whipped up my shirt again to reveal this:

(Sorry, I know I didn't have to repeat those pictures, but I thought you might want to full effect!  Don't worry, you'll get to see it one more time in this fun little re-cap!)

The Dimicks hooted and hollered and screamed much louder than I anticipated, and when we stepped out of the bedroom, the other 30 people in the house were staring at us and asking what was up. Originally, we were going to reveal it to the rest of the family at the beginning of present time, but I asked Jeremy if we should go for it, and we figured we might as well go with the flow.

I shouted to the house "If you want in on the secret, come to the living room!" everyone crowded around, and I handed Gran THIS:

(Later, Gran said she was looking at it and was thinking "Who are those people?" before she read what it said!)

Jeremy's Aunt Kristi was sitting right next to her while she opened it, and she started screaming something about great-grandchildren (and she does not yet have any great-grandchildren!) and the people in close vicinity started shrieking, and I lifted up my shirt, a little riled by all the excited shouting, and screamed "BAM!!!" as I revealed: 

There was shouting and screaming, and clapping, and excitement from 30+ people, and more than I expected I would ever see during an announcement like this, so ... I may have gotten a little carried away and pointed at my stomach and shouted, "There's a BABY in there!" which was met by even more excitement.

All in all, the family reveals were better than I ever could have imagined. We have great families!


Mari said...

I giggled a whole lot at "There's a BABY in there!"

These stories are lovely.

Miki said...

I thought NOTHING could top your wedding, Veronica. The family reveal was so much fun and it was worth the 1400 mile drive to be there. Well played, madam!

Veronica Marcetti Dimick said...

Mari -- Yeah, I laugh when I think about it too. But in a shocked and embarrassed way. :)

Miki -- OH MY!! What a lovely thing to say!

Kristina said...