Meh ...

Sunday, January 10, 2010

There has not been to much to report around here, except for the fact that I have been experiencing some serious ups and downs.

One minute I am feeling awesome and the next minute I have crumbled to the couch, my whole body overcome with ... horribleness.  I think the good moments are actually making things worse, because I get all excited and do exhausting things and forget to eat a nibble every hour, and then I plummet to the bottom of my "feeling like dying" meter.

My cravings lately have consisted of kalamata olives, Claussen pickles, and melted American cheese (on ANYTHING, but I can mostly only eat it on while grain bagels).

I am also VERY anxious to get to the doctor.  I need some proof and some questions answered.  I have been having some very slight cramping on and off, and I have read in a million places that it is normal, but I won't believe it is normal until she can say I am safely pregnant and things are progressing normally.  I am also VERY hopeful that I can get an anti-nausea prescription!  I start back at work tomorrow, and I really can't have any of this "bad day" nonsense.  I can't teach college composition classes from my couch.  I asked my dean, and he said no.  Booo.

So, more updates some time this week on how I manage to teach without puking or crying!  I am optimistic, but, you never know what the soybean has planned! 


Kristina said...

um I am always craving olives, pickles, and cheese big time! What does this mean??? Have I been pregnant my whole life?

Arwen said...

I hope your midwife or doctor does an early ultrasound! There is really nothing like seeing the little eight-week gummy bear of a baby with his heart beating fast onscreen. It's beautiful.

Cramping is totally normal, and chances are that if your symptoms are still going strong, everything is fine. But I know what you mean about wanting to be sure.

Kristina's comment made me laugh!

Ally said...

i recently discovered kalamata olive hummus - it's amazing from trader joe's. yummy!