10 Weeks

Saturday, January 30, 2010

The baby is 10 WEEKS today!!

The baby is about an inch and a half long today -- a half inch longer than last week -- and about the size of a prune.  Even though the baby is only the size of a prune, his/her elbows are working!  Bones and cartilage are also forming, and the little teeth buds are appearing under the gums.

The baby has completed the most crucial part of his or her development, and now begins the time of rapid growth and development of the tissues and organs.

And I feel like a failure -- I totally missed the transition from embryo to fetus!!  I was SO sure it was at 10 weeks when the graduation takes place, but it turns out it was NINE weeks!  Jeremy even said "Happy Fetus Day!" to me when I woke up, and then after reading up to write this post, I had to admit I was wrong.  


Amy said...

Congratulations on the upcoming rapid growth!!