9 Weeks

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Nine weeks snuck up on us with the due date change, but it is certainly welcome!

This week, the baby is about an inch long and the size of a grape.  

The baby is also starting to look more "human."  The tail should be gone by now (!), and his or her little heart will finish dividing into four chamber and developing valves, at the same time his or her little teeth are developing.  

The external sex organs are in place and all figured out, although we wouldn't be able to see them for a few more weeks ... IF we decide to learn the sex of the baby before the birth (BIG DEBATE IN THE DIMICK HOUSE!!!!)

Now that the baby's basic physiology is in place, he or she is poised for rapid weight gain!  We can't wait!!


Ellie said...

The time does go so fast might not seem like it but your due date will be here before you know it. I hope you wait to find out the sex of the baby. I had so much fun not knowing. Of course everyone looks like your a weirdo that you don't know what you have, I would just say we will know when he or she gets here. That and I got unisex at the baby shower that way its good for the next ones that come along. :) How many true surprises do you have in life! Such a hard decision, good luck with the debate which ever end you are on!

Amy said...

SO EXCITED for a post about your ultrasound today!!! Let's get to it!