Jan. 11th: Part Two

Monday, January 11, 2010

I forgot to mention the highs and lows of today.  Because they are definitely worth mentioning!

Since I couldn't think of a single thing to snack on throughout the day to pack and take with me to work, I finally just grabbed a jar of olives and threw it in my purse.  Yes, in my purse.  When I got to work and pulled out my chapstick, I noticed it smelled TERRIBLE, so I put my nose close to my purse and sniffed ... and ALSO noticed the jar no longer had any brine ...

Yeah, an entire jar of olive juice.  In my purse.  On my cell phone.  Soaked into the fabric.  In my blush.  On my keys.  Yeah.

I walked the dog without puking in a neighbor's yard (if you don't know the back story, click here)!  Now maybe they will take me off the neighborhood watch "terrorist" list. 


Ally said...

isn't it just the worst when things spill out in your bag? i can't even imagine what i'd do if i had to deal with olive juice. i guess get used to it, soon it will be baby bottles. my aunt's car stank of milk forever when my cousin was younger :)

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