Update on Kicks

Thursday, April 8, 2010

I was still feeling a little scared that I wasn't feeling the baby move a lot.  I know another mother who is due only 3 days before me, and she mentioned she is feeling a LOT of activity.  I was a little scared, and even took to poking my belly from time to time, asking the baby to move (which horrified Jeremy beyond belief!).

Thankfully, since Monday I have been feeling more movement, and yesterday the baby must have been having a dance party in there!  While I was teaching from 12 to 6 yesterday, I don't think the baby stopped moving!!  Whether it was loud or quiet, I was standing or sitting, the baby was bouncing around like crazy!  

One of my students came up after class and said "It is so cool to see your baby move while you are talking to the class!  I'm sorry, but I will be watching your belly all semester!" and I was SHOCKED!!!  The movements still feel like little tiny pops to me, so I never considered that anything was visible to others!  On the other hand, she might have just WANTED to see movement.  Most of my classes this term are heavy on the female side, and about 90% of them are mothers and want to talk to me about the baby before class and during breaks.  I will never be short of advice!

Anyway, last night, the little one kept up the dancing long after I was done teaching.  It was grooving while Jeremy and I watched a movie and then for the three hours that I laid in bed trying to all asleep after Jeremy did.  Nothing much yet today, but it must have tired itself out from yesterday!  

I also read today that skinner women feel movement earlier (which I kind of figured) than heavier women, and all the moms I know who felt lots of early movements were skinny-minnies, so that makes sense that I would have to wait a week or two more than them.  

Jeremy has only felt one kick so far, and I am trying like crazy to get him to feel more, but whenever I feel something and slap his hand into place, the baby freezes.  I feel bad, because I know he wants to feel it too.

Anyway, I know in a few months I might be wincing from these kicks, but right now I want them all the time!!!