Easter (and a few unrelated items)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Jeremy and I managed to go see both of our families this Sunday, even though Jeremy usually works on Sundays and the museum is usually open on holidays.  It was a nice surprise, and we got good food and lots of laughs.

What we didn't expect was that Baby Dimick would get so much stuff!

The first stop of the day was at my mom and dad's house.  My mom had pulled out all the baby stuff she saved from us, and we sorted through what we could.  I didn't take any clothes, because they were all very gender-specific.  I did get a few books and a bunch of blankets, however.  Also, my mom gave me this onesie:

Priceless!  We couldn't stop laughing about it all day.

Next we headed over to Jeremy's parents' house, where we joined 3 of his 4 siblings.  We had lots of stories and laughs (and too much food!) there too.  On the way out of town, we stopped at Gran's because she had baskets for us.  In my basket was this onesie:

Baby Dimick cleaned up!

On to the unrelated items.

1.  When I was importing the pictures of the onesies, I found a picture that I meant to write a post about.  On March 25, I was in pretty rare form (well, I would like to think it is rare, but Jeremy might have a different opinion) and I NEEDED a cupcake and a shamrock shake.  It is really not too often that I NEED a particular food, and it is even more rare that I give into the craving (Jeremy and I usually talk me down off the cliff, like the other night when I NEEDED a stromboli, even though dinner was all ready to be enjoyed).  Anyway, I NEEDED that cupcake and shamrock shake.

And my wonderful husband obliged.  At 9 PM on a Thursday.  What a guy.

2.  It looks like we have an official date and location for my baby shower!  The shower will be on June 19th, and my fabulous mother-in-law just found an ideal location last night.   I am getting excited!!  How many days left?  My mom gathered up some prizes and favors already as well, so we are on our way.  I can't wait!


Robin said...

Ahhh! Baby Shower's on my birthday! But I'll be in Canada! You'll have to Skype me and my mom. By the way, I WANT that cupcake. :)