Our Baby Now Kicks on Demand

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Last night I was telling Jeremy that I hadn't felt any kicks since the night I first felt them for sure, on Tuesday.  I told him it made me slightly nervous and a little sad.  Jeremy suggested we play some really loud music, since the baby kicked in response to a very loud man talking.  So I suggested that Jeremy just shout "KICK!" at my belly.  Jeremy refused, saying, "What if the baby were born deaf?!?!" and I said shouting would not deafen our baby.  He responded, "Yeah, but what if it were born deaf ANYWAY?  Then I would feel like I caused it!"  

So, we didn't shout at the baby.  But about one hour later, when I was laying in bed, the baby kicked a few times on the right side, and then a few on the LEFT side, where I have never felt kicks before!  The baby not only listened to us, but did some fancy acrobatics.

THEN, this morning, Jeremy and I were sitting on the couch, and I leaned over the lay on him, putting my belly on his knee ... and Jeremy felt his first kick!!!