Suspicions Confirmed

Thursday, April 15, 2010

One of the reasons I was positive that I wanted to learn the sex of the baby before it was born was because of how much I DESPISE surprises.

I know, it sounds strange, since there are so many lovely surprises.  Jeremy brought me home a magazine and a candy treat!  Yay!  I get a package in the mail with a maternity shirt my mom bought me!  Yay!  A snow day!  Yay!  All of that is fine and good, but the surprises that you KNOW are looming?  Not good for me.  

The unanswered, the anxiety, the anticipation, the feeling that the universe is holding information over my head like it is playing keep-away with me.  It is all much too much.  My stomach eats itself. My pulse races.  I get rashes.  I go crazier than usual.  It is not a pretty picture.

I have been really excited ever since Jeremy said he was on board with us learning the baby's gender, but this past week has been terrible.  I am not excited anymore.  Instead, I have the nervousness, the queasiness, the "surprise is coming" feeling in my stomach, and it is not pleasant.  I know tomorrow will be amazing, but I can't help but feeling anxious right now, and I am SO glad that is not what I will be feeling in the weeks leading up to the baby's arrival!!

Because we are finding out and having our surprise now, I will be prepared, and waiting for the baby will be better.  I will know that I am getting closer and closer to seeing my baby boy or girl instead of worrying and wondering.  

Ugh for tomorrow ... and YAY for tomorrow!


Amy said...

I AM SO EXCITED TO FIND OUT!!!! I can't wait.

Without being all creepy and asking you when you had sex vs. when you ovulated I can only guess and say boy. If I knew all the other stuff I could make a more educated guess, but I think that goes beyond the blogger/reader relationship. :o)