New Due Date?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I just read a very interesting fact.  Supposedly, babies are generally born about 147 days (plus or minus 15) after the mother feels the first movement.  

Okay, give me a moment to do some math ...

Okay, that was exhausting.

My due date is August 28th.
147 days after the day I first felt movement (March 27th) is August 21st.
Give or take 15 days would put it as early as August 6th (yes please!!) or as late as September 5th (NO SIR!!).

All of my mom's babies were early, and most of my mother-in-law's babies were late (except Jeremy.  Phew!!).  A late baby in August does not sound fun to me, so let's hope for on time or early!

I can't wait to look back at this when the baby is born and see if it came anywhere close!


Victoria said...

you're just trying to steal dad's installation thunder.

missy finegan said...

I am hoping for an early due date for you. Kaleb was born a month and a day early. So I know what you are feeling. Just watch for a sudden burst of energy. I put together a computer desk the night before. Climbing on chairs and everything. Good luck to you.