Thursday, April 29, 2010

I was feeling not-so-awesome this morning, and then I found the BIGGEST BOX OF CUTENESS EVER on my front porch!

My dear friend Jess sent me a birthday present, and it was a package of BABY GIRL CLOTHES!  Feast your eyes on this:

Those are ice cream cones on the pants!!

Yeah, you're seein' it.  Elephant barrettes!!

This is actually purple, but my camera stinks

World's cutest bib?  I think so!

We are so lucky to have friends as amazing as Jess.  I held up each thing for Jeremy and said "there will be a PERSON in this one day!!"  

I can't wait to meet her ...


Branwen said...

Baby girl clothes are definitely a feast for the eyes and all those are very adorable! We don't know what we're having but the clothes factor alone makes me hope for a girl :)

Also, in your more recent post, I really don't think you look ready to pop so don't listen to anyone who tells you that!

viji said...

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