20 Weeks, Continued

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Here is my 20 week belly shot from last night:

I had to wait for Jeremy to get home from the Tigers game so he could take the picture, and then when he went to snap the photo, the battery died.  I reminded him that I haven't been able to find my charger in weeks and asked him to help me find it.  We thought it might be in the overflowing office closet, so we spent about two hours organizing and cleaning.  We got two bags of garbage out (so embarrassing!) ... but no charger.  Five minutes later I found it shoved back and hidden in the corner of a drawer where I had already looked.  Classic.  At that point, dinner was two hours late, but dang if we don't have a clean closet!

When Jeremy was at the game yesterday, I was sitting on the couch doing tons of work for the new semester, and every so often I went to www.detroittogers.com to check the score.  Every time I visited the website, the baby kicked!  I told Jeremy when he got home, and the biggest smile I have seen in weeks spread across his face. :)  He has big plans for a Tigers fan!

We also watched SNL last night, and Justin Beiber performed.  We were obviously not impressed with the tween, and then Jeremy said "Oh my god ... one day our baby will be a tween and like terrible and annoying things!!!"  Yikes.  I said, "Yeah, that's why it's a baby first and by the time it gets to be a tween you already love it too much to give it away.  Hopefully."


Jesi said...

Oddly enough when I watched SNL last night I was thinking "oh God, I hope Abi doesn't like this crap when she's that age".