15 Weeks

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Today is 15 weeks, and the baby is at least 4 and a half inches long and weighs about two ounces.  It is the size of a navel orange, which is hard to believe, considering how big I am already!  EVERYONE keeps asking me if I am having twins!  I try not to take it in a bad way, since I still haven't gained back a single pound of the 20 I lost since Christmas.

Anyway, the baby is busy "practicing" this week -- practicing breathing, sucking, swallowing, curling its toes, kicking, doing somersaults, and waving its little arms around.  

I found a few amazing pictures of babies in the womb at 15 weeks ....

Pretty amazing.  It makes me want the baby to come NOW even more!

I had a few rough days on Thursday and Friday, but I am doing better.  I had some spotting on Thursday night and just about had a complete breakdown.  The doctor said I was fine, but I had some pain the next day, and was pretty panicked until Jeremy got me calm enough to fall asleep on the couch.  When I woke up, I was feeling better, and I hope to continue that way.  I haven't had any symptoms since then, and the doctor tells me not to worry, that spotting can be caused by many things, and if in very small amounts and not combined with cramping, doesn't mean the worst.

Overall, I have been feeling MUCH better.  I would not say I am feeling great yet, but when I remind myself what I felt like for the first three LONG months, I can appreciate how much better I feel.  

And finally, we got to see most of the Dimicks today (YAY!) and Grandma Dimick (or whatever moniker she will choose when the time comes!) got us two great books:

Baby Names Now: From Classic to Cool--The Very Last Word on First Names
Baby Names Now: From Classic to Cool -- The Very Last Word on First Names by Linda Rosenkrantz and Pamela Redmond Satran.  

It is a HOOT.  These ladies are so snarky and just have a comment about every name.  

Like, they will tell you a little about the name listed, but then list a few that are similar but they think are much better.  They also call a lot of names overused, and, including some of the Dimick names.  Oops!

I love the little asides like, "we think parents can find a much more substantial and lovely names for girls than this."  Priceless.

However, it also includes the meanings, any special stories, the use in popular culture and when the name has been the most popular.  It is very interesting.

She also got us the baby's very first book -- There's a Wocket in My Pocket by Dr. Suess, which I had no idea was Jeremy's favorite book as a child!

Jeremy had a great time reading it today, and it even brought back the scary memories of the "Vug under the Rug" -- the image just showed a huge lump under a rug in a dark room.  

Oh, isn't that the best way to scare the crap out of a child -- leave them to create the scariness in their own minds!  It's funny how strong those memories are too, that they can come flooding back to you at a moment's notice.  Jeremy will have to use special caution when reading this book to our little one so the same fate does not befall him or her!


Salome Ellen said...

Personally, I was always most bothered by the NoothGrush on the toothbrush. And that was as an adult....