More Stuff For the Baby and More Gender Woes

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I did not set out for Monday to be a big baby day, but it turned into one.

First, I went to visit my dear friend Melissa at her new house, and she gave me a gift for the baby!!  And look how perfect it is!!

Isn't that wonderful?  I think I am going to put some headphones on my belly and start playing it for the baby tonight.  I have such wonderful friends!!

After I spent some time with Melissa, I met my mom and dad for dinner.  After a delicious meal, we headed to Target to return some maternity clothes my mom had generously bought me ... but didn't fit. Sooo frustrating, since I had other shirts in the same size by the same designer, but these were like 15 sizes too big.  Grrr.  And then there really wasn't much there.  It really seems like when I was wishing I were pregnant, I saw awesome and inexpensive maternity clothes in my size everywhere, and now that I need them, there is like one rack at Target.  Oh well.  I got one really cute shirt, anyway.  

That same night we also went to Joann Fabrics to do some looking around.  I found some fabric on sale that would be perfect for receiving blankets.  

One was a cute neutral:

This picture isn't amazing, but if you look hard, you can see pink, blue, and yellow.

And one was the prettiest little girl print in the whole wide world:

I figured I should make a few and then if I don't have a girl, I can save them for a little girl who might come in the future or give them to the next friend who has a girl. Either way, it was too cute to pass up.

Finally, I found a good pattern for baby bedding, since I have been LESS than impressed with the bedding I have found thus far.  Nothing is really THAT great, and everything costs WAY too much money, so I figured I could make my own:

Now, here comes the real problem:  Fabric.  If I am going to lovingly make all this bedding, I want it to be for that baby, and not just some neutral boring something.  I found the perfect fabric for a little girl's princess bedroom, and I have visions of a baseball bedroom for a little boy, BUT Jeremy is still being stubborn and wants to keep the sex a surprise.  Everyone knows there is no WAY I will make bedding AFTER the baby is born -- even though Jeremy still maintains we could do all the decorating after the baby is born so I could have a gender-specific bedroom and he can have his surprise.  I mean, come on.  He is clearly grossly underestimating the amount of exhaustion that will be happening around here when that newborn shows up.

I started looking for neutral stuff, and there is nothing I like ENOUGH to design a whole nursery around it.  I am just very disappointed.  I want to celebrate our little boy or little girl, and, in my mind, that includes a fun nursery and clothes that aren't ALL green or yellow.  How can I find a way to make both me and Jeremy happy???  (No, seriously, I need guidance!)


Kristina said...

I guess you have to wait until you find out what the gender is, then you can do the decorating. Lets face it, Jeremy needs to listen to you and find out. Surprises are overrated. I have never liked them!

Veronica Marcetti Dimick said...

I totally agree -- surprises ARE overrated!! I have never liked them, and I am a PLANNER. Let me PLAN! I am just so anxious when I don't know something! Gah! Thanks for letting me spaz!

I need to get a committee together to convince Jeremy that he WANTS to know the sex of the baby.

Arwen said...

First of all, how adorable and crafty are you? Making your own baby bedding? Fabulous! I mean, I can barely sew on buttons, so I'm easily impressed here, but still... I think it's awesome that you can make your own bedding. And I bet it will look fabulous.

But I do have to say, making it after the baby is born seems a little, um, unlikely to me. Surviving a new baby is hard. Even the second time around, when we were more seasoned, weeks went by when taking a shower was a huge achievement. Tackling a sewing project would be insane.

So, is there any way Jeremy might still change his mind on the whole keeping-it-a-surprise aspect? I totally get wanting to wait to find out. That's what we did the first time around. But weirdly, neither Bryan nor I felt like finding out the sex at the birth was that big a deal. I mean, yeah, it's important, but actually meeting the baby is so much BIGGER of a deal that finding out the sex was kind of an aside at the birth. You know: "here is our beautiful, perfect child whom we love so much and this is a life-changing moment..." "oh, yeah, and she's a girl".

So the second time around, we found out, and both my husband and I actually thought it made the birth BETTER. People always say they want it to be a surprise, but the thing is: finding out by ultrasound is still a surprise, it's just a surprise 20 weeks earlier. And it spreads out the fun, I think. For me, nothing can compare to the moment of meeting a new baby, and I don't need any extra surprises to add to the experience. Maybe you will end up feeling the same way! Maybe Jeremy will, or could be convinced that he will...

If you do get a committee together, I'd be happy to be on it!

Jerri said...

Try to change his mind. I found out ahead of time with my son, and it was so nice to have everything ready for him. There's no way possible I could've done it after he was born. I remember days going by without showers, brushing my hair & teeth, or just sitting down with a cup of coffee. Either decorate neutrally now, or change his mind!