18 Weeks/5 Months!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Today I am 18 weeks, which marks the beginning of the fifth month!  It feels big.

This week the baby is probably about 5 1/2 inches from head to rump.  He or she is also busy flexing his/her arms and legs ... which I have yet to feel.  Today I thought I felt something that resembled the flutter people have described, but it's hard to be sure.  We were at the emergency vet's office with our beloved dog, Cleo, and I was very agitated, when all of a sudden I felt a little something.  I can't be sure if I was imagining it or not, but Jeremy said the baby could tell I was mad and was kicking me to tell me to snap out of it.  This baby is definitely taking after, bossy baby!

If the baby is a girl, her uterus and fallopian tubes are formed and in place.  If it is a boy, his genitals will finally be noticeable by ultrasound, even though we will not have our big ultrasound for another two weeks.  

HOWEVER, there is BIG news on the gender front.  Brace yourselves.  Last night, Jeremy said he had decided that it was most important that *I* be happy, and if that meant finding out the gender, he was on board.  I am still a bit confused.  He claims he is sincere, but I think there might be a chance he is using some sort of Jedi mind trick on me and is just trying to get me to change MY mind and want to wait.  Oh well, because it is only SLIGHTLY working.  I feel bad, but have not a SINGLE doubt in my mind that I want, nay NEED, to know the sex of the baby and that knowing will put my mind at ease and allow me to plan the way I would like.  More updates on that as they happen.

As far as me, I am doing well.  I am struggling with insomnia and being unable to breathe or get into a comfortable position in bed, but I knew that was coming and know it will just get worse.  It's no fun, but I know it could be worse.  During the day, I generally feel great.  Unless I go too long without eating.  Jeremy discovered that yesterday on a short road trip we took.  Not pretty.  I will just have to get better about packing food.  

Overall, all is well, I am really excited to be 5 months pregnant, and I can't wait for the ultrasound!!