Baby Talk

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Today was a big baby day.  Well, kind of.

First of all ... I bought THIS:

I know, I know, but I COULDN'T HELP IT!!  How perfect!  And, yes, it is true that I am convinced it is a girl, but I totally would have bought an adorable corresponding boy version ... IF they had one (it was only $3!).  I am not a fan of newborn boy clothes.  They are just not cute enough.

And, I think, just MAYBE, I might finally look pregnant to people in public instead of just a big-belly type of lady.  I am making this assumption based on the fact that the produce guy asked me a bunch of questions about my "little one."

Sidebar:  Yes, the produce guy chatted me up for like 5 minutes, but this is not unusual.  If you really know me, you know that strangers LOVE to talk to me.  In the 30 minutes I was in Meijer today, the produce guy chatted with me, a lady asked me if I liked Special K crackers and then told me all about her experience with other Special K products, and the cashier told me all about her plan to retire in two years ... IF they didn't change her insurance, and if they did, then she would still work part-time and be semi-retired.  Strangers love me.

Anyway, this produce guy.  At first, I was very excited, because he said, "Awww.  How's your little one doing?" and I was all excited on the inside but just said "so far, so good."  But then he started asking more questions ... "How far along are you?"  "Is it a boy or a girl?"  "Do you have any other children?"  By the time he asked me "Do you have any names picked out?"  I kind of thought maybe he was planning on stealing my baby, so I grabbed some grapes and hauled butt.

But hey, I look pregnant! :)


Mari said...

Newborn clothes for girls are SO much cuter. I have a new nephew and whenever I go to pick out little things for him, I always end up oohing and ahhing over adorable newborn things for little girls with ribbons, polka dots, and such.