A Decision. Finally.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Nothing that exciting, but ... we decided what to do about the stroller/car seat debacle.  Jeremy and I were seriously confused about what to do.  Travel system and then upgrade the car seat later or big convertible car seat and "regular" stroller?  We had heard so many opinions we couldn't keep it all straight in our heads.

We realized there were pros and cons to each, but we couldn't figure out which would be better for us in the long run when it comes to both finances and practicality.  We want our baby to be safe, but we have like ... no dollars to spend, so every product decision counts.  Also, we know we will get a lot of stuff from the shower, and we are SOOOO grateful for that, but we can't just count on getting all the important things from the shower.

So, anyway, we had a lovely little investigative trip to Babies R' Us yesterday, since it is the only place in our area that has more than like five display models out and they don't get mad when you play with them (and bash them into things) for hours.

We picked out our "favorites" of all the pieces and then looked at the combinations.  Based on what we picked out, we would be spending about the same money either way we decided to go, so we decided to go for the travel system and then getting a bigger car seat when the munchkin outgrows the infant seat.  That way, we get the bonus of popping the kid in and out of the car and the stroller very easily, and we can bring a sleeping kid places more easily.  I am actually hoping to be a "baby wearer" and use my sling as much as possible, but it will also be nice to have a small seat to take places, like when we are visiting someone or I am going to the grocery store.

I think what really sold us was how much we liked this travel system:

It was lighter, easier to use, more agile, had more bells and whistles AND was about $90 cheaper than any of the other nice systems.  It even has a spot to store WIPES up near the "mommy" cup holders!!  Wipes! 

I know this is not a huge decisions in the grand scheme of having a child, but it was a big decision for us, and we worked like a team to get there.  We were like pros, I have to say. :)

So here's to more big decisions to come!  I know we can do it!  


Ellie said...

Love it! I am a firm believer in trying them out at the store cause if you can't figure it out there forget it at home, and who wants one that is a pain in the ass every time you use it. This one you picked out is very similar to the one I used for both boys. I loved mine,it was functional and safe. Good luck with future decisions!