Maybe Something Helpful?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

After reading my post on my personal blog about how I have NOTHING for the baby, my genius mom reminded me of something:  Way back in the summer of 2003, when I didn't even have a boyfriend (a month before I met Jeremy!), I found some baby girl clothes on super sale ... and bought them.  

Apparently I also bought a copy of my mom's favorite book:

Maybe I bought it to have on hand for friends who had babies and then I just threw it in with the clothes and forgot about it?  Who knows?

But again, here we are with the same problem: helpful if we have a girl, not so much for a little boy!  Also, most of them are 6-9 month clothes ... and they are also summer clothes.  I am due at the end of August.  I'm no mathematician, but that doesn't seem to add up.  Oh well.  Clothes are clothes, right?

My mom loves the story of how I brought them home and hung them in my closet until I could think of a good way to store them, but then a few weeks later my Aunt Julie came to visit and spied them ... she was horrified!  She approached my mom and said, "Is there something you need to tell me?"  When my mom told my aunt that I just bought them because I was crazy, I don't think she believed her right away!  She probably kept an eye on my stomach for a while!  Love that story.


Kristina said...

LOL! I remember when you told me that story!

Amy said...

This is what baby showers are for!! Don't worry, you'll have plenty, I'm sure. Also? Target... super cheap and super cute baby clothes!