Doctor Appointment Number 3

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Today was another doctor's visit, and, for some reason, I still never know what to expect when I go and I am shocked by how short they are.

Anyway, I was slightly nervous, because the first time I went, I got horribly lost, and then the second appointment Jeremy drove -- and took two different ways on the way there and back -- so I was feeling nervous that I didn't REALLY know how to get there.  I mean, I had directions, but I was nervous, because, you know, it's an important appointment and the last thing I want is to be late.  Also, the first time I went and got lost, I had directions ... just the WRONG directions, so I was worried that it might happen again.

However, I got there.  AND, Jeremy called me to say he got out on lunch early so he could be back in time for an afternoon meeting, and that meant he had JUST enough time to drive over and meet me for the appointment.  It made me so happy!

At this appointment, she calmed my nerves about some of the pains I have been having (she assured me they were just ligament pains) and we got to hear the heartbeat again!!!  Here's the thing ... it sounded really strong and steady, but then it would sound like it was being interrupted by another heartbeat!!  I swear!  Jeremy even agreed with me.  But did I ask the doctor why it sounded like two heartbeats?  Noooo.  I was too excited.

I gained a few pounds since last month, but I still haven't gained back all of the 20 I lost, and she didn't say anything at all about my weight, so I am assuming all is well there.

Also, my blood pressure was 104 over 60!!!!  Isn't that really low??  Or am I just being a worrier?  I am always an exact 120 over 80 person, so that freaked me out.  But, the nurse said "Oh, that's great!"  And did I ask the doctor about it?  Nooooo.  I was too busy asking the other questions I had prepared.  Sigh.  So, now what do I do?  Wait until next month to ask about it?  Double sigh.

BUT, I get an ultrasound on April 16th at 10 AM!!!!  Jeremy and I are SOOOOOOOO excited!!  I am already counting down the days!


Melissa said...

It is my baby preference that you have twin girls. :)

Veronica Marcetti Dimick said...


Branwen said...

Twins would be so exciting! Also, don't worry about the low blood pressure, mine always drops when I'm pregnant too. Once last pregnancy it was something (I can't remember) over 56 and no one was concerned at all.

Jesi said...

The closer you get to your due date, the more appts you will have. The last few weeks of pregnancy I went twice a week!!