Odds and Ends #3

Friday, July 9, 2010

1.  I never really thought of my hands changing that much when I got pregnant (other than the swelling I had heard so much about), but in the past two weeks, all of a sudden the veins in my hands are HUGE. I hate that I have to spend so much time on the computer because I keep stopping and staring at my bulging veins.  I always appreciated that you couldn't see any of my veins before, because bulging veins skeeve me out.  My veins were so small and invisible that medical professionals always get mad when they have to draw my blood, and claim I have no veins at all.  I wonder if that will go back to normal after the baby comes or if they are here to stay?

2.  Speaking of hands, I was very sure that I had missed my window of safely getting my wedding ring off of my finger.  Like I said, my hands were totally normal up until about two weeks ago, when all of a sudden my fingers started swelling and my veins popped out.  It happened so quickly that I could take it on and off easily one day, and the next my finger started losing circulation.  For the past few days, I have just been freaking out and complaining about it, and realized I was going to have to do some fancy footwork to get it off, but was afraid.  Jeremy came home from work on Friday and said he read online that we should dip my finger in freezing water for three minutes, then wrap it tightly in saran wrap, and then put super-hot water on the ring to expand the metal, then spray Windex on the ring and yank it off.  However, at about midnight that night, I started actually panicking because it hurt so bad, and with some hard work and biting back screams, I got it off.  And now my finger looks like this:
I miss my ring already!!!  

3.  I recently realized that the very first thing I do upon waking up in the morning is to give my belly a good rub to say hello to the baby. :)  I don't even think about doing it, I just do it automatically.

4.  Whenever I talk to my dad on the phone, he now asks, "Are you taking good care of my baby??" and I LOVE that.

5.  When the doctor and I were discussing the options of what could be going on with the big jump in my fundal measurement, he said that I could just have a super-jumbo baby, and then said, "Which is fine with me, because I'm not the one who has to deliver it!"  It took me TWELVE hours to realize he didn't mean he planned on being nowhere near me when I was in labor and instead meant, that *I* was the one who had to push it out.  I felt a tad foolish, especially because I was mad at my doctor for that entire 12 hours.  (Note: I go to a center with four doctors who rotate for deliveries, so this misunderstanding isn't AS stupid as it could be if he were my only doctor!  But still pretty stupid!)