Doctor's Visit and Nesting

Friday, July 30, 2010

Today I went to the doctor at 3:15 like I had written down in both my planner and on my calendar ... and the receptionist was like, "Ummm, your appointment was at 2:45."  I replied, "Ummmmm, no?"  So that was not cool.  But they got me in, which was amazing, because that place is so popular you have to make appointments WAY in advance.

The doctor said my blood pressure and measurements and weight and urine and the baby's heartbeat all were great, and after she poked the baby for a while to feel how big she was, she told me any day after FRIDAY (as in TOMORROW), if I go into labor, they will let me labor and not try to stop it.  I could not be more ecstatic.  I have plans on Friday and Saturday, but she can come any time after then! :)  Except, I told my mom and she reminded me that her and my dad will be out of state for a week starting Saturday.  And they also have a huge event they are throwing on August 21st.  So could I just get her to come sometime in between those dates please?  We'll see ...

I wrote a big entry on my other blog about how I had probably jinxed myself into having a late baby because I have all my lesson plans and everything all set to go in case I go into labor early and need a sub for the night classes I am teaching.  BUT, my mom made me feel tons better today by reminding me that I had never bothered to sign up for that childbirth class since we have not had a free Saturday in three months, so that could be my "unprepared" element that will let her come early if she sees fit.  Lots of people have given birth without going to class first, right?

I also believe I am nesting.  BIG TIME.  Last night I slaved away for SIX hours, moving, sorting, cleaning, rearranging.  Then I continued this morning.  And then while my students were working on something in class tonight, I made a list of all the other things I want to get accomplished ASAP.  I am making some major progress, and it feels great.

Tomorrow Jeremy and I are doing a big shopping trip to get some of the millions of things we still need, and I know I will feel even better after that.  Sigh.  Bring on my baby!!  I want to meet her!!


Hamlet's Mistress said...

Yes... literally trillions of women since the dawn of time had babies without classes. I can't see a ring of cavewomen sitting around a fireplace discussing proper breathing techniques.

Smart Ass Sara said...

Seriously, the classes only scared the bejesus out of me. You'll be fine. The breathing is easy and it just comes to you. Just don't ever hold your breath. I did for 2 seconds and I had nurses descending on me like vultures. HAHA! :)

And walk. Walk until your legs feel like they will fall off. It got labor going both times for me. :)