Doctor Appointment

Friday, July 9, 2010

I had a doctor appointment yesterday morning, and I needed a little time to think about it before I wrote anything, but I have found this blog to be very cathartic, so I am going full-steam ahead with discussing some news that has me freaked out.

So, yesterday's appointment started with my weight, which has not changed in a month!!  WOOT! (no worries, though; "plus-sized" mothers do not usually need to gain as much weight.  The doctors are happy with my weight progression) and a urine sample which was "fantastic" according to my doctor (I like that he likes my urine so much).  My blood pressure was 118/68, even though I was very worked up (since I have still been spotting since my last visit two weeks ago when they ran the EIGHT HUNDRED DOLLAR test to make sure there were no signs of premature labor and my cervix was in good shape).  The baby's heartbeat was great, even though she moved away from the doppler THREE times while the doctor was trying to get her heart rate! :)  I told him she was a mover!

So, everything was fine until he did my fundal measurement (*The height of my uterus.  Picture below if interested) and saw that I was measuring 3 centimeters ahead of 33 weeks, even though I was only at 32-and-a-half weeks, which puts me just over the "not normal zone." My doctor told me there was slight concern because I have been absolutely on with my measurements the entire time, never wavering one bit, and then there was a rather large jump into the abnormal range so suddenly, so he scheduled an ultrasound ... in TWO WEEKS.  I have to wait TWO WHOLE WEEKS to see if something is wrong or everything is fine and she is just in a very strange position, causing the measurements to be skewed.

He tried to calm me down and tell me not to worry (nice try, doc), but explained very rationally that combined with my spotting, the fact that I had not gained any weight but my uterus got so big so fast, AND my sugar was fine (so it is obviously not gestational diabetes making the baby big), it was necessary to take a quick look to check the size of the baby and check to make sure everything is still okay with the placenta, amniotic fluid, and umbilical cord.

So, there are many options here:  

  • It could just be a very large, but still very healthy baby -- however, the doctor said big babies tend to grow at a steady rate
  • The baby could just be messing with us and be in a strange position (I am crossing my fingers for this one)
  • There could be too much amniotic fluid, which could be a symptom of many, many things (Which I will not go into detail here.  I am trying to hope for the best)
  • The placenta could have slipped from its posterior position to covering or partially covering the cervix (This would also not be great)
  • I could be at risk of the umbilical cord prolapsing (Also not awesome)
Jeremy will probably think that I am sharing too much here, but I really feel better after writing everything down and taking a critical look at it. Plus, there is always the chance that some of you reading might have had a similar experience and could give me some comfort! :)

It was just so disheartening to hear that everything looks amazing ... ooops, except this one thing that could be nothing or could be a huge deal.  And then my doctor tells me not to worry about it while I wait two weeks for the ultrasound.  GUH!!!

I also feel tremendously guilty, because I have been saying I am SO ready for her to be here.  I mean, I am having a tough pregnancy and I am DYING to have a baby instead of a belly, but I obviously never meant I wanted her to be premature and in danger.  I wanted a baby NOW who was healthy, fully grown, and a nice healthy weight.  Maybe I should have specified that.  

However, I had Jeremy give the baby a stern talking-to when he got home from work.  He told her to "grow normally!" and "stay in there until you're cooked!" and told me if I ever needed to, I could just tell her, "wait until your father hears about this!!"  He's a big help! <3

*Fundal measurements, if interested:


Branwen said...

Veronica, I can't give much encouragement in the "oh that happened to me and it all turned out fine" vein but I will certainly be praying for your baby and your peace of mind! Also, I agree that your doctor should definitely have scheduled an ultrasound sooner, that is too long to wait!!

Veronica Marcetti Dimick said...

Thank you so much, Branwen!! That means a lot to me.

Smart Ass Sara said...

Obviously you feel your baby I think that's good. I mean- my doctor always told me not to panic about anything until you can't feel baby move. And with Jackson? I felt nothing past month 6. So that sucked. I was in constant panic mode. But it turned out he was just lazy- a trait that remains. Super.

And both of my babies, I swear to you, doubled in size in the last month. I don't know why doctors tell you they grow slowly because every chick I know has had the same thing happen. I hope your baby isn't 11 pounds. Big sads for your vagina then. :(

Also? I know it sucks to wait two weeks. BUT....I think if the doctor thought it was super would have been in an ultrasound today. So maybe the two week wait is a good sign. Thinking of you. :)

Jess said...


I don't believe we've ever met, but I love you.

1.) "big sads for your vagina" had me rolling.

2.) I was thinking the SAME thing-- if it were something major, then there's no way the doctor would wait two weeks to do an ultrasound.

Please don't think I'm creepy-- I just found your comment to be both hilarious and rational.