Visible Kicks

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Jeremy has been sad lately that he can't feel the baby kick.  I think part of it is he doesn't really know what he is trying to feel, but most of the time I can't even feel her kicks just by touching my belly.  I have been pretty down about it too, because he really wants to feel it and I really want him to share it.

Anyway, I have been pretty sure that the kicks were getting stronger, and for the past couple of days she has even been kicking me really early in the morning (she used to sleep in until about noon!) and I even thought I SAW my belly move from big kicks, but it was always out of the corner of my eye.  Tonight, however, I FOR SURE saw my belly moving from her kicks!!  I put my hand where she was kicking, and sure enough, I could feel it.  Of COURSE, Jeremy is gone and won't be home until tomorrow night! :(  But hopefully she will practice until he gets home and he can get a show right away.