Doctor Appointment

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Well, I was back at the doctor again this morning.  This time for a regular check-up and my glucose tolerance test.

The glucose tolerance test was pretty much what I expected from everyone else's description -- terrible drink and then wait and wait.  However, there was one unexpected bright side.  Usually, people have a really hard time drawing my blood because my veins are supposedly small and thready and they collapse as soon as a needle comes near them.  The last time that I went to this particular lab it took FORTY-FIVE MINUTES to get blood from me.  Ick.  So, I was really worried about getting the blood drawn in time for the test to be accurate, but she got me on the first stick!  She said it must have been from all the sugar in my system.  Good to know.

The appointment was also good.  My belly measured okay, my blood pressure is still rocking at 102/68, and the baby's heart rate was 140.  

They also gave me all the information on the third trimester and the pre-registration form for the hospital!  Yikes!!  Any day now, right? :)


Smart Ass Sara said...

Fun!!! I always thought the last trimester went the fastest. And all I can tell you is that when you are like a week from your due date- walk, walk, walk. Walk until you feel like your legs will fall off. I did and bam!!! Broken water on living room floor. Luckily- hubs got to clean that up. ;)