24 Weeks

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Today is 24 weeks.  The baby is probably a little more than a pound and could be as long as 12 inches from head to toe!  The baby probably gained about six ounces in this past week, and will gain six ounces every week for the next three weeks.

Now that her inner ear is developed, she can tell which way is up while she does all the spinning and moving and thumping around in there.  Even though her environment is getting more and more crowded, she is still moving around a lot, and all the moving helps her to develop strong muscles (so she can look like her dad!).  Her face is also almost completely developed -- all she needs is the fat deposits her entire body is lacking (which means her skin is still transparent and all of her organs are visible through her skin).

This week, my uterus is the size of a soccer ball!!  Kind of crazy to imagine.  But, it does kind of feel like a soccer ball is in there!  I still have swelling of my feet and ankles on days that I work, but on my days off I keep them elevated as much as possible and I haven't had any trouble.  It seems it is just me being on my feet for extended periods of time that is doing it, so while it is annoying, I feel confident that it is not a warning sign or something abnormal.

Also, oddly enough, my nose bleeds are back.  I woke up this morning with blood dripping onto my pillow case!  I am not worried, however, since my blood pressure is fantastic and my nose and sinuses have been hurting this entire pregnancy.  I assume it is just the same swelling and easily broken blood vessels.  Annoying, though!

Today, Jeremy is gone on his annual 3-day baseball adventure with his brothers and cousins, and I am off to my baby sister Victoria's graduation (if you see her or talk to her, be sure to congratulate her on her BFA in Graphic Design!).  This is my first public foray in a maternity dress!  Yikes!  Wish me luck! :)