Baby Visit

Sunday, May 16, 2010

I just got to see one of my best girlfriends who lives in Chicago and has an AMAZING and ADORABLE two-month-old baby boy (who is TOTALLY betrothed to our baby girl).  

It was nice to see her for obvious reasons, but I got two added bonuses.  First, I got to see how Cleo and MoJo would react to a baby in the house.  Cleo came right over and sniffed from a distance, then sat down in front of me, smiling away.  Then, whenever the baby cried, she would run over, like "Why aren't you taking care of that baby?  Can't you hear him crying?" and look very concerned until the baby stopped crying.  She was SO good and polite and didn't try to lick the baby or eat his adorable feet (even though *I* tried to eat his little feet and cheeks).  MoJo came over after a little while and also gave the baby a sniff from a safe distance.  He gave me a look with big, wide eyes, but then busied himself with sniffing the carseat.  But, they both seemed very comfortable with the baby being there, and were definitely not freaked out or scared or territorial (which I knew would not be a problem with Cleo, but you never know with Prince MoJo!  He is a little sassy!).

Also, I got to take sweet pictures of Jeremy hanging out with the baby.  

Doesn't he look sweet with a baby? :)


Smart Ass Sara said...

I remember when we brought Olivia home for the first time. We sat her, in her car seat, on the coffee table. And then I looked at him and said, "Well. All we have to do is keep it alive."

Yeah- that's actually like super hard. Not so much with Libs (it's what I call her) but Jackson. Jackson is insane. He like jumps and rolls down the stairs for fun. Since 7 months old. Oy.