Foot Experiment Completed

Thursday, May 13, 2010

I was getting a bit sick of the swollen feet and ankles at the end of work days, so I decided to conduct a little experiment.  I generally wear the same pair of black shoes to work every day because they are fancy enough to go with my suits AND make a clicky sound, but they have a low baby wedge heel that is really nothing and they are almost flats, so they are comfortable enough to walk around in all day.

This week, I wore a cute pair of flats on Monday that are not QUITE as dressy and don't match most of my work clothes, but are insanely comfortable.  When I got home from work at 6:30 -- NO SWELLING.

On Tuesday, I wore another pair of super-comfortable flats that could PROBABLY be worn with most of my work clothes without people raising eyebrows, but they are a little outdated because they have a rounded toe.  When I got home from work at 6:30 -- NO SWELLING.

On Wednesday, I wore my go-to cute black shoes.  When I checked my feet before my 4:00 class started -- OUTRAGEOUS SWELLING.  When I got home -- EVEN WORSE SWELLING.  

Now, I am no scientist, but I think I have got myself a little formula here:  Don't wear the black shoes that are beautiful and match all my work clothes.  Sad.  But YAY to maybe less swelling and grossness in the future!  

And some people were telling my I wasn't eating healthy enough and that was the reason for my swelling punishment.  Take that!


Jesi said...

By the end of my pregnancy I took fuzzy socks to work and took my shoes off at my desk :) Should have seen the look on the VP's face when I went into the Controllers office with green fuzzy socks on my feet! I may have growled something about being HUGE and how he should try it some time but that was a few years ago. Love my baby but try to block out the discomforts of pregnancy. Good luck on your continuing experiments!