Hey! We finally did some stuff! And then I got a massage!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

We have been slowly (very slowly) working on the nursery, and now that we had the shower and have wonderful things like a crib and a glider, we finally got cracking.

(Slight backtrack -- yes, I know I still have not written about the shower, and I plan to, but a little side note: Jeremy's mom and grandma bought us a crib and crib mattress and then his mom and dad were nice enough to bring both, along with a dresser I had at my parents' house that I wanted to refinish, all the way to our house last night and then stayed for dinner.  We are lucky to have people like them in our lives!)

SOO, since we had some new big things to assemble, today we did THIS!

(Reminder:  We are still renting, so the paint and carpet is out of our control, but I think we got pretty lucky that it looks like a nursery anyway and doesn't have Big Bird yellow paint on the walls like the office does)

Here is the wall the crib is on

Close-up of the awesome crib, the quilt Jeremy's mom made for the baby (!!) and coordinating sheets

This is the window that faces the foot of the crib.  I can't wait to fill the bookshelf with more books, and Jeremy can't wait to play music for the baby!

The glider!  SOOO comfortable!  (Jeremy put this together immediately for me when we got home from the shower!)  Decorated with the beautiful afghan my mom made for the baby.  Bobby hiding out behind the glider.  Baby's First Year calendar hanging on the wall.  This is on the wall opposite the crib, and to the right of the door when you walk in.

To the left of the doorway.  The wall the dresser/changing table will be on when we finish stripping it and refinishing it to match the crib.

We also had to take a big step today ... we had to move MoJo's scratching post out of this room and into the office.  When we first moved in, we really had no use for this room since we didn't have a bed for a guest room and we already had an office, so we put MoJo's scratching post under the window so he could watch birds in the tree right outside the window and just started calling it MoJo's bedroom.  

In the past year, he would really only go in there sporadically.  He would sharpen his claws, make noises at the birds for a half an hour, and then he was on to other places.  However, in the past two months, (after we started moving some baby things in) he has been in this room literally 23 hours a day.  He has made it very clear that he wants to remind us that it is HIS room.  But today was the day to move out.

This is the window that MoJo's scratching post used to be under

Now, his little perch is under this window in the office (notice the Big Bird yellow walls -- they're worse in real life; trust me), which is one of only TWO places in the house where sun actually shines in and animals can lay in sunbeams.  After we took him over to show him his new place, he stayed there for six straight hours! :)  I think MoJo will be okay after all!

After we put stuff together and hauled stuff out and stuffed things in the "closet" (which is really the stairs leading to the attic) that we will later put in the dresser, my sister Tracy came over and gave me a truly blissful massage (she is the BEST!) while Jeremy and her husband and kids went bowling and picked up pizza for dinner.  Then we had a nice evening of watching the kids climb the trees on our backyard while we sat around and talked.  It was an amazing day!