29 weeks

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Yesterday was 29 weeks.  I am really moving along here.  This week the baby is nearly three pounds and measures about 17 inches from head to toe.  Though she's getting pretty close to her birth length, she still has to chub out a bit.  In fact, over the next 11 weeks, she'll more than double -- or even come close to tripling -- her weight.  As she grows and the room gets tighter, supposedly I'll be less likely to feel those big kicks she has been dishing out.  However, I'll also be more likely to get poked by an elbow or jabbed by a knee.

Her muscles and lungs are continuing to mature, and her head is growing bigger to make room for her developing brain.  This trimester, about 250 milligrams of calcium are deposited in her hardening skeleton each day.

Don't mind how disheveled I look in this picture -- I had just gotten home at 11:30 PM and Jeremy didn't get home until almost 1 AM.  Don't worry, it was just a normal Saturday for him -- probably hookers and whatnot.  Okay, he was at a graduation Open House with his family.  Whatever.

I, on the other hand, was seeing Kathy Griffin (!!!) one of my favorite comedians EVER!  Here's me and the baby all excited to go in:

We went with my good friend Jess, and the baby seemed to enjoy herself.  She danced along to the music playing before the show, and she kicked in between jokes, but every time I laughed really hard, she must have enjoyed the rocking and was totally calm.  I also managed to avoid all elbows to my belly, which has become very hard in crowds.  

It has been a good week, especially with all the good news at the doctor's office.  Next week is 30 weeks -- which seems HUGE to me -- and my BABY SHOWER!  I am so excited!!


Arlene said...

Wow! Somene is throwing a shower for you???

Kristina said...

Hey girlie! Wish I could make your shower but my friends wedding is that same day! I told her I would go months ago. :(
Make sure your peeps check with me next time they wanna throw you a shower.