Finally Feeling Hiccups!

Monday, June 14, 2010

It's 12:30 AM, and I am feeling the baby hiccuping for the very first time!  People kept asking me if I'd felt them yet, and I was always like, "Ummm ... I guess not.  I would know if I had, right?"  I was also starting to think that maybe I just wasn't very in tune with the baby and I was missing obvious things.

A few minutes ago, I started feeling this weird thumping throughout my whole belly and back.  At first I was confused.  It felt like a huge heart beat radiating throughout a large portion of my body.  Then, because I felt it near the bottom of the baby hatch, I started freaking out, thinking the baby was kicking her way out!  (No, seriously, this thought actually crossed my mind.)  THEN, I looked down at my belly and saw little rhythmic pops and realized my baby girl has the hiccups.  

It took a LOT of self-control for me not to reach over and wake up Jeremy.  He only has five hours until his alarm goes off, and I kept him up a half an hour after he wanted to go to bed because I wanted him to feel the baby kicking around.

I feel much better now that I felt hiccups.  It somehow symbolizes me knowing what's going on in there with her.  Since I still have NO concept whatsoever as to what position she might be in at any given time, I like that I can figure out SOMETHING she is doing!


Victoria said...

whatever, I still think you're faking all of it.

Branwen said...

I fit makes you feel any better, I didn't recognize in utero hiccups for that they were until I was pregnant the second time! :)
It is a strange sensation isn't it?!