Doctor's Visit

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I had another doctor's visit today, and there was a lot of good news.  

I have only gained one pound in the last month, which is awesome, and my blood pressure was still below normal -- but it was a little higher than it has been.  It has been consistently 102 over 66, but today it was 118 over 70.  HOWEVER, I had just been sitting in construction for 10 minutes, less than ONE MILE away from the doctor's office and was freaking out about being late.  So that is pretty good for freaking-out blood pressure!

I also learned the results of my glucose tolerance test (finally!) and they were great.  My glucose level was 104, and a result of 180 (an hour after drinking glucoma) would have required a second test to rule out gestational diabetes.

My stomach was measuring right on and the heart beat was loud and strong -- 148 beats a minute.

The receptionist also scheduled ALL of the rest of my appointments until my due date.   I got a little dizzy! :)  I was like, is this necessary? and then I realized that I wasn't writing down THAT many appointments.  She is coming!!!

It was a great visit, and I was out in 15 minutes so I could go home and get everything ready for Jeremy's birthday!


Kate and Anthony said...

We're getting closer! The end is near! I go for my next appointment on the 21st and we start childbirth classes the Wednesday after 4th of July. Can't believe it!

Smart Ass Sara said...

It's all downhill from here, friend! :) Once you start going every two weeks you're practically in labor. Have fun!!