Beating Heart, Baby!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

I apologize for the title being a music reference that maybe only my sister will get, but that song has been stuck in my head all day because ... you guessed it: we got to hear the baby's heartbeat today!!

I had my second check-up, and this time it was with the RN, who was wonderful (recap: my place has a team of four doctors, a midwife, and a RN, who you rotate between and get to know because any combination might be the team on-call when you give birth.  So far, I love the midwife and RN, and I meet one of the OB/GYNs at my next visit in four weeks).

This was only my second visit, but it was Jeremy's first time going, and he was impressed by how nice it was, which made me feel very good.  

This check-up was very quick.  We talked about my symptoms, she reassured me that it was okay that I had lost 20 pounds, since I have not lost too much in the past four weeks.  Most of my weight loss was really really early in the first trimester, and I just haven't gained much of it back, and she said it doesn't concern her because the baby is obviously growing (have you SEEN my belly??).

Finally, she felt my belly a bit and pulled out the doppler.  I was so nervous!  She put it to my belly, and I (logically) knew she probably wouldn't find the heartbeat immediately, but I still freaked out when all I heard was silence!  After the appointment, Jeremy said as soon as she put it to my belly he heard something, and then he realized it was someone walking in the hallway and he got mad and wanted to tell them to shut up! :)  She found the heartbeat quickly, and it was fast and strong!!  It was so amazing to have Jeremy there and see the look in his eyes!!

Then, it was over!  Jeremy and I were shocked at how quick it was, but then I remembered that one of the reasons I chose the place was because they weren't overly pokey and invasive.  I am not a high risk pregnancy, so I don't need unnecessary tests all the time just for the sake of running tests.  The baby is obviously fine and I am healthy, so I should just be thankful and chill out.  Easier said than done, but I would like to try to stick by that mantra.

I have one more regular check-up in four weeks before I get to have my ultrasound (another four weeks after that), which will put me really close to 21 weeks.  While it is really disappointing that I will have to wait so long to see the baby, it should be a good ultrasound since the baby will be bigger and more developed, so I am trying to think positive thoughts about it.

In other news, Jeremy found out about a mom-to-mom sale this Saturday in Lansing, and I am going to go check it out.  I know, it seems early, but everyone says pregnancy flies by, so I better get shopping! ;)


Victoria said...

baby, is this love for real?

Veronica Marcetti Dimick said...

Let me in your ARMS to feel!

Anonymous said...

Hearing the baby's heartbeat must have been soooooooooo exciting!

Anonymous said...

The previous comment was made by me, Aunt Betty. I don't know why it said 'anonymous'

Arlene said...

Love you all!!