13 Weeks

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Today I am 13 weeks and the baby is about three inches long.  The milestone today is ... fingerprints!  It is really amazing to think that the baby probably only weighs about an ounce but already has his or her unique fingerprints.

Speaking of other teeny-tiny things, if the baby is a girl (which OBVIOUSLY she is!), she already has over 2 million eggs in her ovaries!

Next week marks the beginning of the second trimester, which according to the books, is a time of "relative comfort for most pregnant women."  While I have been feeling better overall, I am still having some bad days, so I hope to enjoy some of that relative comfort soon!

I went to the mom 2 mom sale with my friend Loe'l this morning, but I didn't find anything.  They didn't have any big items besides a highchair that another woman swooped on moments before I could, and the rest was basically clothes, which does NOT help me because I don't know the sex of the baby.  So I will definitely go to the next one to look again, but I think they might be better after the baby comes if they are mostly clothes again.  At least I got to scope things out and see what to expect in the future!