New Year's Pukey Eve/1st Pukey Wedding Anniversary

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Well, tonight is New Year's Eve and our first wedding anniversary.  Sigh ... tre romantique!  

Except ... oh yeah, I am DYING.  The past couple of days have been a sick roller coaster of sickness, sobbing, and curling up in a ball on the couch.

My poor husband even made a delicious meal for our anniversary that I couldn't even stand to look at.  I had rice instead.

Then, of course was the cake.  Jeremy loved it.  I took a little bite and then asked Jeremy if I had to swallow it.  He told me I didn't have to, but I said I didn't want to risk a divorce.

Jeremy's mom had also gotten us a sweet bottle of champagne with a Happy Anniversary tag on it.  What a big night we have ahead of us!

Except, this was how I looked and felt the entire night ...

Those whole grain bagels are my new best friend.

Happy New Year's, everyone!!


Ally said...

I cheated and had our cake on our six month anniversary. It kinda tasted a bit weird. I love your pink oven by the way! Sooo cute!

Hope you feel better soon! I hear that mom's expecting baby girls feel more sick than if they were having a boy. Not sure if it's true.